Nadežda Kozomara
Psychologue Psychomotricienne
Psychologist Psychomotor Therapist
Psiholog Terapeut Psihomotorike


EXPAT PSYCHOLOGY for professionals, partners and spouses, children and parents, students
Being an expatriate comes with great expectations and promises. Changes in your life, opportunities for your family and a chance to see the world are reasons that most of us choose to venture abroad. You live life to the fullest; the highs are higher but the lows can also be lower. 
People prefer not to talk about these lows, which is a shame, because much can be done to counter them.

Apart from the ‘usual’ psychological problems, expatriates are exposed to very demanding circumstances. Although you still stand by your decision to move abroad, the reality of life away from home proves to be harder than you anticipated. 

This is even truer for trailing partners and spouses, children and families or students for whom the challenges of expat life work out differently.

As an expat, you may very well recognize yourself in the following:

  • Cultural adjustment may be burdensome, your are going through cultural shock.

  • You are less confident than usual because you have new job chalenges or given up your job and your normal pastimes and find yourself looking for a new goal in life, mood swings, homesickness, stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, etc.

  • Relationship problems and substance addictions are also common. Additionally, research shows that 20-40% of all expatriate missions fail, mostly due to the spouse’s or partner's  inability to cope with the new situation. 

  • You do not speak the language or not well enough; you need to get accustomed to the local habits which you do not always understand.

  • You need to find your way around in areas like housing, transportation, groceries, healthcare, schooling and utilities. 

Together, we will address your difficulties and find right tools respecting your individuality which will help you to increase self confidence, overcome stress, improve your personal and/or professional relationships, enhance your resilience in adversity and in general, improve your wellbeing.

In addition to specific issues related to expat life, I am providing psychology counselling in dealing with general issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Burn out
  • Stress 
  • Conflict at work, in relationship
  • Parenting concerns
  • Bereavement, including change in empyement status